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Coast Inc's Corner Chat: Gerardo Lerones

Transitioning into a new career path is an exciting and challenging experience. Fortunately, having pre-existing friendships within the team can make the process much smoother. In a recent interview, Gerardo, who played soccer with some of Coast Inc.'s highest-performing team members, shares valuable insights into his experience. This provides a unique perspective on what it's really like to work at Coast Inc. Check out what he has to say in this month’s Coast Inc. Corner Chat:

Q: How did you hear about Coast Inc?

A: I had the privilege of knowing Edgar and Rafa, two of the top account managers in the company, from attending Oklahoma Wesleyan University and playing soccer together. Their careers here at Coast began with some language and culture challenges due to their Spanish background. However, their dedication and hard work were remarkable, and that inspired me.

I realized that in this environment, if I put in the effort, I can truly grow. There was one initial concern that gave me pause – the fact that the role was commission-based. But as I thought it through, I realized that the pay structure created limitless potential. I shifted my perspective and saw that there were no income caps, motivating me even more.

What initially held me back turned out to be my biggest source of motivation. I came to understand that my reasons for taking on this opportunity were crystal clear. The chance for personal and professional growth was at the forefront. We have the unique advantage of being just a click away from learning and interacting with successful industry leaders from all over the country. They're making substantial incomes by becoming individuals who truly deserve it, and that's the path I wanted to follow.

So, my primary motivation was the opportunity to excel and the mentorship that comes with it. Here, it's like having access to a free university, and I'm all in.

Q: What is it like to work with Coast Inc?

A: What I appreciate the most is the concept that the more I support others, the more I'm actually helping myself. We're all in this together, aiming for the company's success. When the company thrives, we do well, our team expands, our colleagues prosper, and everyone's financial prospects improve. It's an incredible feeling.

I've had the pleasure of mentoring three individuals on my team, teaching them how to be financially successful. Seeing them apply what they've learned and achieve success on their own is incredibly rewarding. The overall atmosphere is truly amazing.

We all share the common goal of seeing everyone succeed, and here's the remarkable part – one person's success doesn't hinder someone else's opportunities to excel. It's a beautiful and inspiring aspect of our work environment. Plus, we know how to have fun. We make it a tradition to have office nights every Thursday. Just the other day, we went to play laser tag, and it was a blast. There were about 30 of us running around and having a fantastic time. The place was quite spacious, making it even more enjoyable.

Q: How has Coast Inc. helped you achieve your goals?

A: First and foremost, I want to emphasize that I've developed a valuable skill – the ability to sell. It's a skill I've honed to the point where I could sell various products, whether it's internet services, cars, or even a simple bet. This skill isn't just limited to my professional life; it's a versatile tool that's applicable in many aspects of life.

Through this skill, I've provided financial security for my family, ensuring they no longer have to worry about hunger. It's a source of pride for me, knowing that I can make a positive impact on their lives.

Looking ahead, I'm focused on further enhancing my abilities. I'm actively learning how to build and manage my own team, becoming more proficient in conducting effective interviews. As I spend more time with the remarkable individuals here, my ambitions continue to grow.

I'm content with where I am, but that doesn't mean I'm satisfied. I have a burning desire to achieve more. I envision growing a large business for myself one day. It's an achievable goal, but it requires dedication and the transformation into a person who truly deserves that level of success.

Q: What does working at Coast Inc. mean to you?

A: First and foremost, I want to express my profound gratitude, especially to Taylor and Nicole. This opportunity is truly incredible. It might sound cliché, but being in the company of individuals who are achieving remarkable success and having the privilege of receiving mentorship from them is something I deeply appreciate. That's the foremost sentiment.

Furthermore, I feel an exhilarating sense of anticipation. There are remarkable developments on the horizon, and I have unwavering belief in the incredible things that lie ahead. This anticipation fills me with immense excitement and motivates me to keep pushing forward.

Q: How does Coast fit your personality?

A: I'd like to personally share what has been beneficial for me, and I believe one of the greatest strengths of our team is the diverse range of individuals we have. We encompass a wide spectrum of personalities, from the more reserved to the outgoing, and every type of person can find success here.

As for me, I lean toward being extroverted, although it's interesting that some may perceive me as an extrovert while I personally identify more as an introvert. However, my primary motivation has always been the desire to assist others.

While we all seek financial success, what truly fills my heart is the opportunity to support and witness the growth and improvement of the people I help. This sense of fulfillment is what truly drives me.

In our team, I find the perfect environment to fulfill this passion, and I believe that's the most significant aspect of what we do here.

Q: What advice would you give to candidates?

A: I'd strongly recommend giving it a shot – there's really nothing to lose. It's essential to recognize that this is an entry-level opportunity, and no one is expected to have all the answers from the start. When I began, I had zero knowledge of sales and customer interactions.

But here's the remarkable part: I learned and improved considerably over time, mainly by observing and learning from others. It's worth emphasizing that sales isn't just a job skill; it's a life skill. The ability to generate income independently is truly invaluable. It's not something you hear about everywhere, and I believe it's an extraordinary skill to acquire.

Gerardo hails from the Coastal City of Malaga. He is a passionate and driven individual who was born and raised in the sun-kissed coastal city of Malaga, Spain. His journey took an exciting turn when he embarked on a four-year degree at Oklahoma Wesleyan University at the age of 18 to play collegiate soccer. Despite encountering new cultures and environments, Gerardo found that this experience was the perfect catalyst for personal growth, maturity, and a clear vision of his aspirations. With a background deeply rooted in his hometown, including high school and a love for soccer, Gerardo has now joined the dynamic team at Coast. His enthusiasm for his role is infectious, and his journey from Malaga to Coast Inc is inspirational.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity. You can learn more about Coast Inc. here.

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