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-Nicole Skovgard, CEO


"I think that our success comes from individual people bringing their talents, creativity, and experience to the table. We may have a similar marketing approach to other companies, but at the end of the day, the mission is different.  I’ve worked at companies where I’ve had to come in, do my job and that’s it.  For us, it’s really important that every single person is involved in the growth of our company.  One of the reasons we only promote from within is that we want the people running the company to be a part of it; invested because of all that they have given and received over the years."

— Nicole Skovgard, President


Coast Incorporated specializes in creating new campaigns and business for several national clients. Our goal is to help them expand into new markets by increasing sales and building and maintaining relationships with current and prospective customers. We have an amazing team that provides great customer service and face-to-face communication. Using face-to-face communication is our advantage when it comes to gaining new business and it's what sets us apart from other companies.


Each employee at Coast Incorporated has the opportunity to get personalized training in various areas of business management, including, but not limited to: team leadership and development, human resources, sales and marketing, administration, public speaking, and finance. Every employee is able to learn, grow, and develop into the individual and professional that they aspire to be. With the rapid growth of the clients that we represent, there is a constant opportunity for advancement within the company for driven individuals.​

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