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Nicole, Management

Nicole Skovgard was born and raised in Long Beach, CA. She attended Indiana University, where she majored in Communications and minored in Psychology and Entrepreneurship. Growing up playing competitive soccer, Nicole knew she wanted to have a career that would be challenging and rewarding, but where she could move up based on her work ethic. She joined a sales and marketing company in St. Louis right after she graduated, and 3 years later she moved to Chicago to start Coast, Incorporated.  The thing she loves most about Coast is that she gets to coach and develop young professionals daily and that the company provides an opportunity for people looking to learn and grow, as long as they bring a good work ethic and positive attitude to the table.

Coast Inc Taylor.png

Taylor, Management

Taylor is originally from Denver, Colorado. He attended Colorado State University (Go Rams!) where he graduated with a degree in communications. What Taylor enjoys most about Coast Incorporated is the culture. We recruit people that have big goals for their lives and bring them into a positive and successful environment. I believe that some people are already in the habit of winning, and some people need to be taught how to win in business. Our strategy for development is to get to know what our people want out of their careers and help bring out their strengths and develop any new skills needed to help them reach their full potential.

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Abbi, HR

Abbi Stewart is from Birch Run, a small town in Michigan, where she grew up being shy and awkward. Thankfully, Abbi found herself in sports and acting, both of which brought her out of her shell and transformed her into the wonderful team member she is today. "I had a pivotal moment in high school where I decided that staying in that small town was not for me and that I wanted to live so much more than just an average life." Abbi says being a part of the Coast Inc team is like being on a great sports team. Everyone wants to push and wants you to do great and it's because they want the team to all be going well together not just the star players. Everyone is there to help each other learn and grow not just professionally but personally too.

Coast Inc Shannon.png

Shannon, HR

Shannon Cortez, originally from Harvey, Illinois, is one of Coast Inc.'s HR professionals. She is motivated by growth as she is constantly learning herself and mastering her skills. Bettering herself is her greatest reward. As Shannon continues to grow, she loves being able to impact others positively, especially her siblings and her son. Setting a strong path for her son is the most important goal Shannon has. Shannon feels that working with Coast is awesome. "To be continuously learning and being able to share that knowledge to help others. Our environment is the true definition of a people helping people business." 

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