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Where Are You Located?

We have teams in markets throughout the Midwest, and we have recently expanded to Atlanta, GA and Reno, NV.  We are currently hiring in Chicago, Atlanta, and Reno.  In these markets we run a virtual office in the morning to avoid the morning commute, and our Account Managers are required to be in person in the territories they manage.

How are you different from other companies?

We are all about our people!  We don’t just want someone to come and do a job for us.  When we interview someone for a position in our company, we are more interested in who they are, what they are looking to learn, and where they are looking to go in their career.  If the employee and employer are aligned, then both parties can be successful.  Our people get one on one mentoring from our CEO and senior managers to help them hit their professional goals.

Why the sales and marketing industry?

We chose the sales and marketing industry for two reasons. The first being that it is always growing. There will always be opportunity for our employees to move up and take on management roles.  The second is that it provides the opportunity to gain valuable professional skills. Working in this industry provides someone great experience in public speaking, communication, organization, and leadership.

What is the company culture like?

FUN! It’s important to love where you work and we firmly believe that all work and no play is just no fun! We are big fans of trivia nights, volleyball and kickball leagues, charity events, happy hours, and much more!  

What are the advancement opportunities at Coast?

We are all about growth and opportunity.  If we hire someone, it is with the intention that they will move up in our company.  We only promote from within, and all promotions are merit based.  There are leadership, management, consulting, and human resources positions available as someone advances.

What is the day to day like?

Every day is different!  Across the board however, there are meetings and training sessions in the mornings, and client meetings in the afternoons.  More specifics will be based on position.

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