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When we hire someone, it is our intention to help them grow and move up in our company. We do not believe in seniority and all promotions are merit-based. If someone is determined to work hard they will be rewarded. Therefore, we start everyone in an entry-level account representative position and take the time to personally train and develop them into leadership roles. We're growing rapidly so we're looking for motivated and goal-driven people to add to our team. We look for someone that exhibits the following:

  • An ability to learn quickly - You're always looking to learn and develop.

  • Great communication skills- You're able to interact with any type of person.

  • A critical thinker - You're able to handle a multitude of situations and come up with solutions to potential conflicts.

  • Organization- You're able to keep track of yourself and others.

  • A positive attitude - You're able to maintain high energy when engaging with clientele and coworkers.

  • Work ethic - continuous effort put into your personal and professional development.

What Candidate Reviews Say

"This was the best job of my life. I grew more personally and professionally in 5 months than my last career of 2 + years."



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Paid Time Off

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