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Coast Inc's Corner Chat: Edgar Rissi

From a competitive athlete to a business prodigy, Edgar possesses an impressive mindset that has propelled him to success in the world of business at Coast Inc. Combining his disciplined nature with a friendly and supportive demeanor, he has seamlessly transitioned his knowledge from playing soccer into his daily endeavors, granting him a competitive advantage in advancing his career. Discover more about Edgar and his journey thus far at Coast Inc. through this engaging interview in the Coast Inc. Corner Chat.

Q: How did you hear about Coast Inc?

A: I applied to many financial jobs because I studied financial economics and I'm from Spain. Unfortunately, most of the companies didn't even bother replying to me because they knew my visa would only be available for a year. It was frustrating.

I met with my friend Ogi, who was already at the company, and he set up a one-on-one with our friend Rafa and I where he shared with us about Coast Inc. and the sales industry. It actually sounded really appealing to me because I've always wanted to have my own business in the future. Ogi mentioned how much he was learning and having fun here, and the pay was decent too. But what really caught my attention was the focus on long-term thinking and the skills I could develop that would benefit me in the future. That's why I decided to apply to this company, especially since nobody else was responding to me. Knowing that I'll have the opportunity to learn a lot here was a major factor in my liking for Coast.

Q: What is it like to work with Coast Inc?

A: Waking up early, working long hours, and having a commute can be tough. But despite that, I feel like we're a close-knit family here at Coast. During our Zoom meetings, we joke around and have fun without hurting anyone's feelings. We have a great camaraderie. We also have regular office nights and team days, which not only help us bond but also build strong relationships. Just yesterday, I got to know our newer team member Connor better, and now I feel like I can rely on him more.

Working here feels really good. It's hard work and competitive, but in a healthy way. My success doesn't hinder others; instead, it motivates them to do even better. I appreciate that there are no rigid hierarchies based on seniority. Everything is based on performance, so if you're not consistent, someone else gets a chance. This constant push keeps me motivated every day.

I also love that we set goals here. It gives me a clear direction and purpose. It may sound cliché, but it's true. I mean, who would have thought I'd be conducting interviews within three months? It's an incredible opportunity for growth that I wouldn't find anywhere else.

Q: How has Coast Inc. helped you achieve your goals?

A: Ever since I was 15, my goal has been to run my own company, just like my dad who has his own clinic. I see how hard he works every day, and while I want to be like him, I don't want to work as much as he does. That's why being here is teaching me valuable lessons in how to run a business.

I've learned that selling is the first step in generating revenue for a company. Without sales, you can't do marketing, accounting, finance, or even have an office. So, learning how to sell and bring in revenue gives me confidence because I know I can generate income on my own.

I'm also learning how to train and develop systems so that the business can be scaled. It's not enough to be good at something; you need to be able to teach others to be good or at least average at it, so they can contribute to the growth of the business. I've seen how some businesses struggle because the owners haven't been able to trust others to train them properly.

Additionally, I'm learning how to conduct interviews and choose the right people to join the team. It's crucial to have the knowledge and criteria to identify the right fit for the company and avoid wasting time with the wrong candidates. I'm also learning how to attract talented individuals to join the company by effectively selling its vision.

In just the first three months, I've gained insights into running meetings, motivating people, and providing direction. Looking ahead, as I progress to become an assistant manager, I'll learn about payroll, marketing, human resources, and other aspects of running a business. Being at Coast is bringing me closer to my goal of running my own company by equipping me with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Overall, my experience here has been incredibly helpful in preparing me for my entrepreneurial ambitions.

Q: What does working at Coast Inc. mean to you?

A: It means, first of all, confidence.

You know, it's amazing how even though I haven't met Taylor in person, who's all the way in Nevada, I can see that the team trusts me based on my few months here. It's not just about the words you say, but it's also about the actions and the work I put in. That's how you build confidence and trust. Giving a hundred percent effort really matters.

Working here has taught me the importance of hard work. Nothing comes easy, and you have to put in the effort to achieve your goals. These are the two key things that I find extremely valuable in this environment.

When it comes to giving advice to candidates, I would say not to focus solely on the fact that this is a sales company. It's more than that—it's a management training program. Sales is just the means to pay the bills. But what's truly amazing is the opportunity to learn from every single person here every day. It's a beautiful thing to be able to generate revenue on your own, but there's so much more to it, like interviewing, training, and developing systems. I absolutely love it.

Edgar's life has been shaped by his innate competitiveness and athletic drive, starting from his early years when he engaged in soccer and judo. While sports remain a significant part of his life, Edgar's curiosity extends beyond the field, leading him to learn more about cryptocurrency and develop an interest in finance. Transitioning from Spain to the United States expanded his horizons, fostering personal growth and transforming him into a more outgoing individual. Now, armed with a selfless mindset, Edgar thrives on engaging with others and helping them succeed. Guided by his desire for constant improvement, he sets new goals each week, striving to surpass his previous achievements and reach the pinnacle of his personal and professional pursuits.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity. You can learn more about Coast Inc. here.

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