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Coast Inc's Corner Chat: Ognjen Stevic

Ognjen, also known as Ogi at Coast Inc., is an up and coming rock star at our firm and it's no surprise why! He's a go getter, determined, and goal oriented and a great fit at the company. It was his pursuit of finding a career or company that fit his personality that brought him to Coast Inc. We asked him more about his experience with the company and why he's making big strides in his short tenure so far.

Q: How did you hear about Coast Inc?

A: I started in accounting but it wasn't a fit so I started to look for a job that fit my personality best. When I found Coast Inc., I liked the culture, the interview process, and decided to give them a shot. I really connected with Coast Inc.- the attitude and the way people are, that they show that they care. The interview process was great, it showed the opportunity to grow at the firm and it's a merit based opportunity where you get to prove yourself.

Q: Did you have any hesitations before you decided to join the Coast Inc. team?

A: There really weren't any. I had just graduated from college with a work visa so I was looking for an opportunity. This felt like a great fit and I wanted to start immediately.

Q: What attracted you to Coast Inc?

A: I wanted to go corporate originally but the pay and lack of opportunity in a job like that drove me to working with a company like Coast Inc. I don't mind the grind if the money and opportunity align with my goals. That plus a fast paced environment sold it for me.

"I had no idea how much personal development is involved in what we do!"

Q: What is it like to work with Coast Inc?

A: It's been crazy how happy I have been. For three months, every day I'm smiling and so happy to be at work, which is odd because you have good and bad days but I'm so happy here no matter what. It's an excellent way to transition out of the college environment, and I feel like I am learning so much! I massively appreciate how much I have learned and developed in such a short time. I had no idea how much personal development is involved in what we do!

Q: How has Coast Inc. helped you achieve your goals?

A: The development here has put me on the right path to make my goals happen. It's fixed how I look at things and my perspective. The personal growth has been phenomenal but Coast Inc. keeps it fun and lets you be yourself too!

Q: What are the two most significant improvements that have resulted from your work?

A: I've really improved the way that I communicate and reach other people. I grew up in a different culture and the shift in energy here and how we think is amazing!

Q: What does working with Coast Inc. mean to you?

A: I don't mind playing against the odds, I'm used to people doubting me but having a team, Nicole, Taylor, believing in me means the world. I've always had family believing in me but having more than your family rooting for you, someone you greatly respect, has really driven me since I've joined the team.

Q: How does working at Coast Inc. fit your personality?

A: There are people who emphasize the positive things, give a positive perspective. Performance matters here. Coaching is a positive experience. They know how to coach you based on who you are, it's very personalized. They really match the person versus using a cookie cutter approach. I also love that they have the pay now, play later mentality. Work ethic and a great attitude are key here at Coast Inc.

Q: What is a meaningful memory or experience that you've had at Coast Inc?

A: I have always been obsessed with the American Dream, that you can be self made. When I started here, I had a really positive experience. I had the opportunity to visit Milwaukee 3 weeks into working here. I had the opportunity to meet and network with the other managers of the branches from across the U.S. They all were around my age, super successful, running their own companies. I was able to see that what we do at Coast Inc. works. And it was so much fun. It was an incredible opportunity to network with people I would love to be like.

Q: Who in the company inspires you most?

A: Taylor, he's doing all of these things that I am about- work life balance, working hard and living a great life. He's living my ultimate goal.

Q: What advice would you give to potential team members considering a role at Coast Inc?

A: If that person is driven and has huge goals, you can come here and do really well. Then, in your 30s, do what you want. Earn the role here that lets you play golf and travel when you want. You won't have to ask your corporate job for time off and live according to what your boss dictates.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity. You can learn more about Coast Inc. here.

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