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Getting to Know Coast Inc.'s Team- Sydney Ryan

When Nicole founded Coast Inc. in 2010, she envisioned a community that spans coast to coast, helping build businesses and the people with them. Last June, a rock star joined our Human Resources team to help further that goal. Sydney was looking for Sales and Marketing experience, specifically in the HR department. While searching for positions all over Chicagoland, Coast caught her attention because of the genuine people who were kind and she really loved the upward opportunity.

Before joining Coast Inc., Sydney studied Psychology and business at EIU. "I like to know why people do the things they do, and what certain things lead people to success." says Sydney. With her experience, Sydney has been a great asset to growing our team to fit our client's needs and also with helping our team in reaching their unique goals. She helps contribute to the fun family oriented environment and is not only someone who works with each of our team members, but also their friend. "It's exciting to be around people who thrive and are hungry for success, because it makes you want to do the same."

Not only is Sydney helping each of our team members on a daily basis, she is committed to learning and furthering towards her own goals. Working with Coast Inc., she has learned how to problem solve on the fly, focusing on finding solutions instead of problems, and has increased her organization skills. With her willingness to be a consistent learner, she is able to help the team grow too. Her fondest memory is tied to planning her first event for the team as well, something she would have never thought of without learning the skills necessary to plan out events. It was a themed team night of fun, where team members could bring friends, play games, and hang out. Everyone had such a great time and it really help Sydney and the team bond more.

Sydney has become an integral part to the vision at Coast Inc. Her enthusiasm to help everyone and commitment to the company's goals drives the consistent growth we've been seeing since joining the team. It's important that the person who is in Sydney's position wants to work hard and is great at supporting everyone else. She goes above and beyond. In her own words," [To work at Coast Inc.] You have to work hard, and be hungry with every move you make. So, if you're indecisive right off the bat, it shows me that you're not ready to be fully committed to a career path of opportunities and we are only looking for people who want success now." She is driven and ready to help Coast Inc. have their best year yet and we are committed to helping her achieve every goal she sets in place.

To learn more about the opportunities or the team at Coast Inc., visit our careers page here.

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