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Getting To Know Coast Inc.'s Team: Colin Rweyemamu

Colin, one of the account managers at Coast Inc., is no stranger to being a favorite. For Coast Incorporated, he’s a favorite top trainer and for our client, he’s a favorite top performer who brings in valued customers. For his family, as the youngest, he grew up as being everyone’s favorite. He was born and raised in Tanzania, valuing family over anything else. It’s what makes him a very grounded individual and a very like-able one at that. For Colin, his whole reason to chase his dreams and be successful is to give back to the parents who have given so much to him. In that effort, he came to the US to start college and upon graduating this year, he started looking for opportunities that suited his interests.

While scoping out job opportunities on LinkedIn, Colin came across an opening from Coast Incorporated. He decided that the position fit what he was looking for and decided to go to the interview. He was intrigued by Coast Inc’s mentorship program and that he was able to dictate his own success by the work ethic he possesses. His only hesitation was the commute from Downtown Chicago. He decided to jump in anyways, because to him, the opportunity to learn about the business industry at a fast paced was worth sitting in a car for the extra traffic.

Colin jumped in full force pretty quickly upon starting at Coast Incorporated. “It fits my personality because I’m with other people who have huge goals in their lives and are also willing to learn how they can get to their goals Everyone’s determined.” Shannon, who was Colin’s initial mentor, inspired him especially. Being around the same age and seeing someone who is so dedicated to getting their goals inspired him to go all in and make sure he really maximized the training and development made available to him at Coast Inc. By doing that, he was able to quickly learn the ins and outs of our work with our client and earn a promotion that has afforded him the opportunity to train others and begin developing his own team.

In the future, Colin plans to develop his team further so that he can contract with our client in a city of his own choosing. Being someone who is interested in workplace development and employee satisfaction, he also aims to create a consulting opportunity for himself so that he may aide other entrepreneurs as they create companies of their own.

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