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Getting To Know Coast Inc.'s Team: Rebecca Meek

When Rebecca, or Becca as we call her around Coast Inc., was interviewing with our team, she was simply looking for human resources experience. She didn't know that she wanted to pursue HR until after completing college and by then, she thought it was too late. She needed experience in the field but simply didn't have it. She found that at Coast inc. and more.

When she was meeting with our team for evaluation, she was just excited that a post-grad could get an internship in a new field. We were so impressed with her, she got more then that. We offered her a full time position in HR. At Coast Inc., being a small firm, we have the ability to offer and train people we think would be great for the position even if they don't have experience in the field. It's exactly what we were able to to do for Becca, and she not only appreciated the opportunity to work in the field of her choosing but she also really has enjoyed and continues to enjoy the skills development and mentoring she has by working at our firm.

"I had graduated college, and other companies wouldn’t give me a chance because I had no experience. I was relieved to find a company that I applied as an intern for, instead saw something in me and actually offered me to be a part of their HR team rather than an intern."

Becca comes to Coast Incorporated with extensive experience. She's been working since she was 15 years old, starting at a cafe and has had various roles since then. It was her diverse work experience and her enthusiasm to learn new skills that really drew us to offering her the position. Becca is a ball of sunshine and you can't help but smile every time you spend time with her.

As much as we appreciate Becca, she in turn appreciates the company. When speaking about CEO Nicole, she says this, " The way she thinks and just generally observes and understands what her employees want. It’s incredible. I’ve never had a boss who was a mentor. Someone who generally has my best interest at heart and continuously challenges me to be even better then I thought I could be." And the amazing work environment has been a huge benefit to Becca too. Her first event at Coast Inc. stays with her. It was when the team got together over the weekend to hang out. She was pretty shy and playing "In It To Win It" games with the team really opened her up and made her feel so welcome.

Since joining the team, Becca has become an integral part of the management team. Her incredible student mentality and ability to execute what she has learned has helped her flourish in her role at Coast Inc. and has provided access to responsibilities. In her off time, she's spending quality time with her husband and hanging out with the team. Get to know more about the team here.

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