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Letter From The President Of Coast Inc- A Year In Review

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Happy New Year!

This has been a year of considerable growth for us here at Coast, Incorporated. In 2018, not only did we add a new client to our portfolio, this client had never outsourced to a vendor before for their marketing and sales endeavors, specifically for small business clientele. Therefore, this was the first time that we built an entire program for a client, from the ground level up. Coast Inc.’s built the point of sale process, the reporting process, and the systems to follow up on customer experience. We negotiated pricing, worked on customer experience, and then grew their business significantly in the Chicago metro area.

I am so proud of the team here at Coast, Incorporated. It’s one thing to start working with a new client that has experience working with outside vendors like ourselves, but it is a completely new experience building something from scratch. Any time you try something new, there is a lot of trial and error. And sometimes that can become frustrating and discouraging if you aren’t finding the answers right away.

The perseverance and commitment of our team surpassed anything I have seen on any team I have been a part of. We had people coming in early, staying late, coming up with new ideas; all committed to the result of a working program with a brand-new client.

I am please to report that at this time, we have accomplished our goals for 2018! We have systems in place, and we are ready to expand. We ended this past year feeling proud of our work in 2018, and we are excited for what will happen in 2019. We now are adept at working with clients in the telecom, office supply, and energy industries, and we will be expanding into markets outside of Illinois, while continuing to build our presence here in Chicago.

This year has been challenging and empowering all at the same time. Every time we stretch outside our comfort zones it is not always easy, but at Coast, Incorporated we are committed to that kind of growth in order to continue to create opportunity for our people. And I may be biased, but we have the best people, and they deserve every opportunity to create the kind of careers that are full of achievement, fulfillment, and growth. I feel grateful to work with such an amazing team, grateful to our clients who trust us with their brands and reputation, and excited for the incredible momentum that has been created.

Looking forward to a wonderful new year!

Nicole Skovgard


Coast, Incorporated

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