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What’s a week like at Coast Incorporated?

A lot of people want to know what it’s like to work at Coast. With such big goals, our weeks seem to fly by in a flurry of activity. While every day consists of client meetings, sales training, and leadership development, here’s a little extra peak into what we do and where we’re going!


Monday morning is time to set goals and reflect on the prior week. Everyone is at different stages of the management training program, so this is a time for everyone to come together and share progress. Office managers and HR managers meet later in the day to talk about company growth.


Team day! Different teams throughout our company meet to go over their objectives and individual team member’s progress. We also do special development on Tuesday, where we do small group training for people at their specific levels of our management training program.


Get your work done and leave a little early! On Wednesday we usually have an intensity

day, where employees can leave as soon as their work for the day is done.


Let’s get competitive! Members of the sales team compete on Thursdays for some hilarious consequences. And once the work is done, come hang out at this week’s company night! Sometimes it’s a bar/restaurant for happy hour, or look for us playing mini golf or sand volleyball!


The core team of the office, which consists of top account managers and HR personnel, meets to discuss the state of the union of the business, and strategize for the week to come. Later in the morning there is an all office conference call with a top executive from another company, to foster learning and development for all employees. We always wrap up the day with kudos, a fun activity where each Account Manager gives recognition to someone in the office who they feel deserves recognition for their work that week.

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