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Coast Inc's Corner Chat: Adrian Alverez

Meet Adrian, the self-driven individual who never settles for anything less than what he truly wants. Adrian has always been motivated by a desire to take charge of his own life and make decisions that align with his personal goals. He has worked various jobs and reflected on his experiences to come to the realization that he wants to be in complete control of his own destiny. That’s when Coast Inc came into the picture. Learn more about his experience here and what he brings to the table in this month’s spotlight:

Q: How did you hear about Coast Inc?

A: It was on Indeed. I think I applied several times for several different positions, just for whatever I saw open because it seemed like a good position. I read the full description on the website and it all seemed cool. I remember filling out a couple of different applications for the same job, not even realizing that it was at first. I figured they’d get one of them and I would get a call. That was how it all started.

Q: Did you have any hesitations before you decided to join the Coast Inc. team?

A: I think the first hesitation was literally the first interview.

Having to do the video recording interview. That was something for me that was always very uncomfortable, watching myself on camera, listening to my own voice, and then sort of having to do all of that. And I remember having some technical difficulties where it just wasn't working.

I was trying to do it on my computer, initially. I couldn't get the audio connected, so there was just no audio. And then, I was like, okay, is this a sign, maybe this isn't something I should do. And then I was like, you know, that's ridiculous. I'm just going to still redo it regardless.

And then restarted going through it. Otherwise, in terms of the actual day-to-day, once I started, there hasn't been any hesitation to make me question myself. It always just felt straightforward. I know what I'm doing and the steps have been laid out for the progression.

So it just felt like a pretty obvious answer, I guess, to stick with it.

Q: What attracted you to working at Coast Inc?

A: I remember it being the management training that caught my eye starting in sales, but the whole goal is the training is to get you to be more independent, work on your own, and it’s merit based. That was just something that I was looking for in every place that I was applying.

That's the key thing I'm searching for. And the job listing just had all of them. So that's why I'm like, okay, this is what I'm gonna apply for. I don't even think I applied to many other jobs, I just put all my chips into this one basket and I'm like, okay, this is going to work out.

And I had no backup plan. That's how committed I was.

Q: How has Coast Inc. helped you achieve your goals?

A: It's almost like a forced commitment.

I've already decided this is what's going to happen and I'm not gonna let anything else disrupt that because I'm tired of delaying things, waiting for another opportunity.I’m taking the opportunity and this is just what I'm going to do and I'm not going to do anything else.

Q: What are the most significant improvements that have resulted from your work?

A: I feel like literally every part of the training has helped create great work habits, you know.

Planning everything, realizing what you need to do and being able to prioritize what you need to do. It has been just like a big growing movement for me. These are the sort of responsibilities people don't really train you in.

Especially, in school work and things like that. They don't give you those responsibilities. And this has just been like one of those things where you need to have a good attitude. But being able to incorporate that, really focus on that throughout your day has been something that no one has ever really taught me.

Q: How does Coast fit your personality?

A: It’s one of those things where I feel like it's always been personally appealing to me. I was in middle school selling drawings. I like pitching to people. I had experience with it through my art.

I would be asking people what they want and then just doing it. And then delivering and getting paid. So I think it's always been in my personality. Like I said, even outside of work without this job, it’s aligned with my own initiative.

I'm like, I'm just gonna start selling drawings, posting stuff online, tattooing commissions, all of that stuff. So it's sort of been just the path I've been on and this job has helped me grow that. So I was, let's say, walking on a sidewalk before and now I'm driving on the road.

I have more space, I have more movement and like I have a wider vision of the road ahead of me. It’s my vehicle to go faster towards my goals.

Q: Who in the company inspires you most?

A: My favorite is Terrence. Just his vision and his goals and, for one. I've worked with him the most in terms of team days since I've started learning everything. I've worked with Terrence the most, and so I think I've gotten to know him the most personally and just his attitude constantly, always being the most bubbly person you can be around.

And I think I've learned the most from him. I sort of incorporated his personality into myself and then grew more. I feel that's helped a ton. The way he conducts himself, his attitude constantly, every day. His interactions with people are always so heartfelt too.

And he is such a family man. He always knows exactly what he wants. I think Terrence has just been such a great example for me and someone I've always looked up to since I've started here.

Adrian is the kind of person who is always looking for ways to improve and challenge himself. He believes in the power of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. He has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve and is committed to making it happen.

As a team member at Coast and beyond, Adrian has found a way to take charge of his life and pursue his passions and created a vision geared towards being extremely successful.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity. You can learn more about Coast Inc. here.

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