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Getting To Know Coast Inc's Team: Terrence Bruton

He’s motivated by winning, by being great, by being the best. Terrence’s personality is competitive, humorous, compassionate, caring and detail oriented.

The competitive nature of the team at Coast really pushes Terrence to be a top performer, and it’s one of his top reasons for wanting to work here. With Coast Inc, Terrence loves the opportunity to grow and develop both personally and professionally, and then pay it forward to help others do the same.

For Terrence, working at Coast Inc is rewarding, satisfying, and challenging. “You see your hard work paid off, but it also takes consistent effort over time to reap the rewards of success.” Terrence also finds the Coast Inc team fun because he works with like minded, ambitious, hard working over achievers who push him to be better.

Thanks to his time at Coast Inc, Terrence feels he’s become a better communicator, a more consistent performer, and a more forward thinking person. He says, “overall I’ve become a better leader due to the training and mentorship here.”

For anyone looking to join the Coast Inc team, Terrence’s advice is, “If you enjoy a challenge, are hungry to succeed, enjoy recognition of achievement, and like a positive, encouraging environment, then you will love it here.”

Terrence is from the southside of Chicago. He is part of a big family, being the 5th out of six kids, with two sisters and three brothers. He went to Mount Carmel High School and ran track and played soccer there. Then he attended Western Illinois University, and later worked in corporate America for several years. Now he’s supporting his own big family, being happily married with five kids.

He loves sports, especially soccer, football, basketball and Cubs baseball. His all time favorite athletes are Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, and Thierry Henry.

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