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Coast Inc's Corner Chat: Maria Jaramillo

Meet Maria, head recruiter for our Reno, Nevada market!

We're excited to dive into Maria's experience with Coast Inc., exploring her insights and experiences. Maria brings a unique perspective to her role, having started in the sales position herself. Maria's story offers valuable insights into the culture and opportunities here at Coast Inc. Join us as we get to know Maria and learn from her experiences.

Q: How did you hear about Coast Inc?

A: In my final college semester I was on the job hunt. I stumbled upon Coast on LinkedIn and was immediately drawn to the client interaction aspect. With my dad being in sales all his life, he emphasized its importance for success. So, fresh out of graduation, I saw this as an opportunity to learn valuable skills.

During the interview, I connected instantly with someone on the team from Venezuela, sharing an international background. Often, visa status limits our opportunities, so it was refreshing to see a company willing to give me, someone from Ecuador, a chance based on who I am and my eagerness to learn.

What attracted me to Coast initially was its location in Chicago, a city I love. Moreover, the emphasis on company growth beyond just sales caught my attention. They stressed moving up within the company, which appealed to me greatly. I believe a company that fosters development while offering growth opportunities is ideal, especially for post-graduation. The merit-based environment and the focus on meeting new people and clients resonated with me, as I've always enjoyed connecting with others. Overall, it seemed like the perfect fit.

Q: What is it like to work with Coast Inc?

A:  Being part of this team feels like everyone's on the same page, no sense of cutthroat competition. It's more about pushing yourself for results. If someone moves forward, it motivates you to do the same. Growth is limitless here. The environment is incredibly supportive. You can ask anyone for help, and they'll be there for you. Working with peers of similar ages fosters camaraderie, making it easier to relate. Office nights every Thursday are a great way to bond with coworkers. It's a united front focused on collective growth, not just individual success. Pride takes a backseat to learning and evolving together.

Q: How has Coast Inc. helped you achieve your goals?

A:  Working here is all about collective growth. If someone's excelling, we're encouraged to ask them how we can improve too. There's no pride, just a focus on learning together. In terms of personal growth, I've seen significant improvements in my ability to communicate. I've always been sociable, but now I can confidently talk to anyone, even strangers. I've developed a deeper appreciation for people around me, and I've realized how much a simple smile can brighten someone's day. This job has taught me patience, emphasizing that consistent effort leads to results. My communication skills have skyrocketed, becoming more eloquent and persuasive, especially in sales.

Q: What does working at Coast Inc. mean to you?

A:  To me, it's all about appreciating the journey, not just the daily wins, but also the long-term goals. In our meetings, I've learned the importance of turning bad moments into temporary setbacks, not permanent habits. I value being part of a team that supports me through tough times and encourages my growth. Being in an environment that values me as a person, not just my achievements, means a lot. It's truly special to be in a place where my growth and success are prioritized.

Q: Who inspires you most?

A: My biggest inspirations? Definitely Luis and Nicole. Nicole's a powerhouse in business, smashing through barriers and always focused on growth. As a woman in business, her journey resonates with me. She's not afraid to start from anywhere as long as she ends up where she wants to be. It's inspiring to see her dedication and intentionality, no matter her position.

Then there's Luis, who interviewed me in my first round. We share a similar background, both from Latin America. He sees beyond just my role on the team, genuinely caring about my growth and well-being. He's a true friend, supporting me not just as a colleague but as a person. His humanity in the business world is something special, a reminder that success doesn't mean sacrificing empathy.

Q: What advice would you give to candidates?

A: I'd tell them that I've been exactly where they are. Doubts are natural—they show you care and want to learn. Everyone here has started from the same place. If they're seeking growth and want to improve their communication skills, this is the place to be. It's all about considering your long-term career goals. So, if that's their focus, I'd encourage them to give it a shot. I can't guarantee it's the right fit, but it's worth exploring an opportunity that could help them grow.

Meet Maria, our head recruiter for the Reno, Nevada market, and a self-proclaimed master of sarcasm. With a habit for cracking jokes and a love for not taking life too seriously, Maria brings a refreshing perspective to the team. When she's not busy finding the perfect candidate, Maria indulges in her hobbies. First and foremost, coffee reigns supreme as her number one passion. But don't let her caffeine addiction fool you—Maria also enjoys hitting the rave scene with friends, losing herself in the music and the moment. When the weather cooperates, you can find her strolling around the lake, soaking in the warmth and the serenity. And let's not forget her affinity for popcorn—she could eat it every day without complaint. Behind Maria's playful demeanor lies a fiercely determined individual. Once she sets her sights on a goal, she stops at nothing to achieve it. Her hardworking nature, coupled with a knack for quick learning, ensures success in any endeavor she undertakes. Maria's journey to Coast Inc. reflects her dedication to growth and her willingness to seize opportunities, not just for herself, but for those around her.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity. You can learn more about Coast Inc. here.

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