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Getting To Know Coast Inc.'s Team: Alyssa Regnier

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Coast Inc., located in the suburbs of Chicago, is a sales and marketing firm dedicated to connecting small business owners with great vendors for their energy needs. We are focused on developing our clients influence and portfolio through out the Chicago metro and in the near future, we'll help in some other cities. You would think that those we hire and prefer to work with have sales experience or something similar enough to dive right on in and get to work. Alyssa, who is one of Coast Inc.'s top performers, is far from experienced with working in sales and client management.

Prior to joining the Coast Inc. team, Alyssa studied at and graduated from Layola University with a Bachelors in Science and Nursing. After several years in nursing, Alyssa realized she wasn't excited about it anymore. "I realized after 3 years that nursing wasn’t making me truly happy. Between the negative relationships with coworkers and the idea of continuing school in order to “climb the ladder”- I decided to totally change careers." So she began searching for new opportunities. It was on Indeed that she found and applied to an open position at Coast Inc. When she came in to interview and meet with the team, she loved how happy and genuine everyone on the team was. She felt immediately welcome and decided to join the team.

Alyssa's only hesitation on joining the Coast Inc. team was her lack of experience in sales. When she came in for training, she was immediately relieved to see that Coast Inc. has a very well structured training program geared to help individuals learn our systems and work with our client no matter what experience level they had coming in. "Coast is not your average job or corporate office. It’s a place for growth and experience in business and in life." Since joining the team, Alyssa has thrived in her position. She loves that each member of the team has big goals and that each are willing to work very hard to meet the needs of our client. To Alyssa, we're all a family and we all work together to help each person reach their greatest potential.

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