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Getting to Know Coast Inc.'s Team- Scott Sanhamel

At Coast Inc., we’re about celebrating the team members who help make us unique. Each team member brings a different perspective that can either align with our own or challenges us to see things differently. With his experience in coaching high school sports prior to working at Coast Inc., Scott Sanhamel brings great ideas and has been great at developing our newest team members since joining the Coast Inc. team.

Scott, one of the managers at Coast Inc., didn’t have a background in sales but did have experience in customer service working at a golf course and mentoring as a high school coach. These different positions really helped Scott excel at Coast Inc., where our core focus isn’t just acquiring business accounts for our client, but also developing strong, well trained teams to expand client reach beyond Chicago. Sales was actually something very much outside of his comfort zone but when he applied online to work with Coast Inc. and received a call from our team, he gave the interview a chance and met with the team. He learned that not only did Coast Incorporated provide full training, which made it ideal for a career switch, but that we were looking for people who could lead and manage to help our client further their goals. “I wanted to grow personally and professionally, and I wanted to have a chance to have an impact on people.” Says Scott of his intentions when he accepted the offer. His background in customer service, coupled with our training, allowed Scott to learn the sales aspect of what we do. He was able to consistently acquire new customers, which gave him the opportunity to train and develop our newest team members. He’s become a great mentor and has been instrumental in driving the growth and leadership that is integral to expanding our reach coast to coast.

Throughout his tenure at Coast Inc., Scott has learned the ins and outs of managing a team and running a company with major clients. Coast Inc. has provided him the opportunity to learn and teach what he’s learn so that when the opportunity to manage a client directly comes, he’s able to do so very successfully. Being able to come in and mentor others has been a very enjoyable part of working at Coast Inc. With many companies, people don’t really get to know their co-workers but Scott feels that Coast Inc.’s team is genuine in their friendships and that also makes coming to work more enjoyable. In general, for Scott, working at Coast Inc. is about teaching people the skills that they need to be successful not only at work, but for the rest of their lives. The connections he’s made with the team and those he has helped coach being successful within the company is just icing on the cake.

Scott studied sports management at Depaul University. After coaching high school sports and working at a golf course, Scott decided a change in careers was needed. After placing his resume online, he interviewed and was hired by Coast Inc. to handle new client acquisition. Through hard work, displaying great leadership, and impressing the client, he earned a management position. On working with Coast Inc., Scott says "Think about what you want in the future and ask yourself will this kind of experience help you have the life you want to have. I wanted to grow personally and professionally, and I wanted a chance to have an impact on other people. I wanted an opportunity to earn a type of income that would allow me to live the life I wanted vs what I could afford. I'm just one person but I believe the experiences gained in a short amount of time can help people with all sorts of career goals.

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