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Nicole's Corner: Our 2022 Year In Review

If 2021 was a year of growth and expansion for us, 2022 was a year of development. In 2021 we expanded into new markets, and in 2022 we strengthened those markets and strengthened our people.

As I was reflecting on the year, I was reminded of a saying I’ve heard a thousand times; fast is slow, and slow is fast. Sometimes we hurry to build or expand, but it ends up taking longer to achieve what we want because we didn’t take the time to properly build a foundation. This past year, we took the time to focus on building the systems and building our people in order to be ready for even bigger growth in the future. Our new managers grew in confidence and capability, solidifying our presence and our relationships with our clients in our newer markets. Our team in Chicago took on more responsibilities, and several Account Managers took advantage of our merit-based environment, taking their careers to new levels.

2022 Campaign Updates:

We launched and grew Verizon 5G, bringing the service to small businesses all over Chicago

We did a 6 month program with Amazon where we set up local businesses to be authorized package pickup locations for Amazon packages. We started building a platform where, instead of representing one client at a time, we have a small team of small business consultants who represent multiple clients, from the telecom, office supply, and utilities industries, all focused creating a longer and better customer experience.

As we have come out of the pandemic, and we have seen more changes in the world, I am increasingly grateful for the opportunities that the sales industry presents. Our people have been able to increase their compensation to match the rising costs of inflation. We have been able to grow and employ more people due to the clients we have, instead of being forced into layoffs like so many other companies.

I am so excited for 2023 and all that it will bring, and I am grateful for all that 2022 gave us to set us up for another fantastic year.

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