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Coast Inc's Corner Chat: Anthony Morales

It was an interest in entrepreneurship and calling his own shots that brought Anthony to Coast Incorporated. Before working with our team, he had the cushy, corporate job at a fortune 100 company as a respected design engineer but he knew he wasn't passionate about the role. By connecting with one of our team members and exploring what Coast has to offer, he decided to dive off the deep end, take a chance, and start a new career in a field that aligned more with his passions. He hasn't looked back since and for good reason. Anthony is one of Coast Inc's rising stars, showing up for our clients, our team, and for himself daily and knocking it out of the park. Anthony shares in his own words what his experience has been with Coast Incorporated for this month's Corner Chat.

Q: What is it like to work with Coast Inc?

A: Extremely hard... but nothing meaningful in life comes easy. The people in this company support you, they provide guidance and want you to succeed. But if you have a student mentality, great work ethic, and positive attitude, you can accomplish anything.

Q: How has Coast Inc helped you achieve your goals?

A: I have a team of very successful people pushing and guiding me to reach my goals. By sharing my goals with the company, I unlock everyone's perspective and experience on how to hit those goals.

Q: How would you describe the company’s culture/ work environment?

A: We work hard and play hard. At work we push each other to hit our goals and after work we can relax and enjoy each other's company. During our first in person-meeting of 2022, there was music playing, everyone was having a good time and our manager's brought us coffee and snacks. Then we had a great meeting and finished the week strong.

Q: Who inspires you most?

A: Emily. Her ability to take punches, get back up, inspire, lead, continually work to become better and makes time for the things that matter to her. She's a perfect example of no matter who you are or where you are in life, success is a mindset.

Q: What are the top 3 reasons you chose to apply?

A: I want to live in Chicago, I want to run my own business, and I want to challenge myself to be better every day.

Q: Did you have any hesitations about joining the team?

A: I went to UIUC to pursue a career in engineering, I had a job as a very respected design engineer at a Fortune 100 company, but I knew I wasn't passionate about it. To overcome these hesitations I just decided to jump off the deep end, work hard, and plan to succeed.

Q: What was it about Coast Inc. that you like most?

A: The culture. I saw there were opportunities to connect outside of work with happy hours, business trips, and a hybrid office setting.

Q: What do you think the company does to help you succeed?

A: This company is genuine high energy. Everyone understands that to be successful, you have to go out and get it. What this company understands is that success is not limited or scarce. If someone is having a great week, everyone cheers and celebrates it rather than envy or resent it. Why? Because we all want to see everyone succeed. High tides raise all boats. Surrounding yourself and connecting with like minded people has helped me be successful thus far.

Q: Would you recommend working at Coast Incorporated to your friends or family?

A: Yes.

Q: Last question, what advice would you give to a job candidate who may not be sure that a role at Coast Inc. is a good fit?

A: Within two months of working here, I'm already a top account manager for Coast in the Chicagoland area. If you started, I'd teach you everything I know with the goal for you to become better than me. So it's up to you if you're ready to start a new and exciting challenge.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity. You can learn more about Coast Inc. here.

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