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Getting To Know Coast Inc.'s Team: Emily Popli

Starting a new career can be difficult, let alone starting one in a pandemic. After finding herself in need of a new job, Emily connected with Coast Inc through a position listed on CareerBuilder. She connected with the team to learn about the role and became a member of our team in August.

Initially, Emily found herself a bit apprehensive about joining the Coast Inc. team, thinking that everyone else would have a business or management degree and that she would be in way over her head starting with our firm. "Almost immediately upon getting involved, I realized everyone had come from different backgrounds and had been drawn to this career for different reasons." Bringing her unique perspective, Emily has flourished at the company.

During her short tenure at Coast Inc thus far, not only has she learned sales and management, she's become a top performer, notably earning national recognition as a top performer in her first full quarter with the team. "The work itself can be hard, but the result and all the people cheering you along the way make it more than worth it."

Emily feels that every person at Coast Inc looks to be successful together. It doesn't matter who is winning, everyone celebrates and supports each other. It's exciting to see others reach their goals and show you what is possible.

What does Emily think you'll need to be successful at Coast Inc? While having experience in sales or customer service is helpful, what helps is being a student, having a positive attitude, and maintaining an unparalleled work ethic. "Those three things will get you far, and Coast is such a great vehicle to make that happen," Emily says. Additionally, Emily notes the support from fellow team members, specifically her team lead Kyle Leisering, really helped her tackle a role so foreign to her.

"Working with Coast [Inc.] has turned a lot of my beliefs about what's possible on their heads. I can be a successful working mom. I can hold a full-time job and teach 3 nights a week without getting overwhelmed because I love all of it. I can support my family through a crisis. I can continue to better myself, and these are the people that can help me do it. I'm so thankful for this opportunity."

Emily is a fabulous mother to a 10-month-old, a musician, and an all-around goof. She enjoys making others happy and entertaining through music, jokes, or being a helpful person. Helping others is a great motivation for her, so her goals at Coast Inc have aligned well with that and have helped her become a top-performing sales rep for our clients. Finding a workplace in a pandemic, that is genuinely supportive and invested in the career growth of each team member, has been incredible for her. She's excited about what her future with Coast Inc. holds.

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