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Coast Inc's Corner Chat: Jaqulyn Ardent

What should you look for in your next career? For Jaqulyn, she was looking for something that could bring her to her big picture goals. From the moment she started at Coast Inc., she felt that her goals of being her own boss and having control of her own time could be met by working with our team. She shares her insight about working with our team and more in this month's Corner Chat.

Q: How did you hear about Coast Inc?

A: I found it while searching for jobs on Indeed.

Q: Did you have any hesitations before you decided to join the Coast Inc. team?

A: For sure! One of them was that this job is commissioned based, I have never done that before- but being a waitress before was like that- and what really sold it for me was meeting with Nicole- no matter what I wanted to work with her.

Q: What are the top reasons you chose to apply?

A: I was bored with the job I already had and there was no room for improvement. I was stuck and I wasn't around people who cared about me as a person. They just cared about the job I was doing and nothing beyond that.

Q: What attracted you to Coast Inc?

A: When I had gone for my 2nd round interview, I learned I was interviewing with the CEO based on my research. I thought that was crazy! She met with me and I could tell that she genuinely cared about what I wanted and wanted to help me get there.

Q: What is it like to work with Coast Inc?

A: It's not hard, but it's hard work and if you're willing to put in that work, its so worth it in the long run. The culture too, everyone is great!

Q: How has Coast Inc. helped you achieve your goals?

A: I haven't hit my long term goals but in the long run Coast will help because it has changed how I think. It's re-wiring my brain, teaching me how to think, and work through attitude shifts and challenges. I will be able to sit back and focus on my goals because of what I am learning here.

Q: What are the two most significant improvements that have resulted from your work?

A: I'm learning how to control my attitude and being more open-minded.

Q: What does working with Coast Inc. mean to you?

A: Everything at the moment. I am hinging a lot of my future life on this, working my butt off now. I know I don't want to work this hard every day forever, so with this, I will be able to do that. For now, Coast holds my future.

Q: How does working at Coast Inc. fit your personality?

A: It's a definite fit, I am a very extroverted person when it comes to speaking to others. At work, I am able to easily talk to others and manage the situation. Because it's such a fit, I am able to hit my goals easily at Coast Inc.

Q: Who in the company inspires you most?

A: Nicole- She came from a similar background and is a CEO that is dominating our industry.

Q: What advice would you give to potential team members considering a role at Coast Inc?

A: I would say to think about where they want to be long term. And if the current position they are in will actually help them get there. Coast and this industry help people get to where they want to be, so a little bit of hard work right now is worth it in the long run.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity. You can learn more about Coast Inc. here.

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