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Getting To Know Coast Inc.'s Team: Stetson Cross

Earlier this year, it became quite clear that in order to meet the needs of our clients in terms of growth and sales quality, the team at Coast Incorporated needed more administrative support. It was at that time we began looking for someone that would be a great fit for the team.

Around that time, Stetson Cross was looking for a new opportunity. He needed something that would challenge him and help him further his career. He needed a better work environment. "[At] my last position, there was no room for growth and the work culture was very toxic." At Coast Incorporated, he found that we have an upbeat work environment and we're very goals-focused. "It was a nice change of pace to see a work environment completely different from that."

"It was a nice change of pace to see a work environment completely different from that."

After interviewing at Coast Inc, he decided that even though this position was completely different from any that he's taken before, that the work culture and the chance to learn and grow was something worth trying out.

Since joining the team in a recruiting and administrative position, Stetson has come to be more goals oriented and he's enjoyed learning skills that help him further his career at Coast Incorporated but also in general. Each day is unique and has new opportunities to learn something new. The outgoing personalities and positive work environment suit his personality too.

"It is a company that truly wants to see their people succeed and grow"

One thing Stetson thinks is unique to the company is how they push and support each team member to grow. Nicole, the company's CEO is great at this in particular, according to Stetson. She pushes everyone at the company to be better, but she also demands the same from herself. Her biggest focus at the company is that everyone is constantly working towards improving their skills and being better for themselves, not just the client.

In addition to a great work environment, Stetson enjoys that the team is extremely competitive. At least once a week, the team is getting creative with the "challenges" in a little head to head competition. It's quite humorous. That combined with the upbeat work environment and amazing team has created a wonderful working experience for Stetson.

You can learn more about Coast Incorporated by visiting our about page.

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