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Getting To Know Coast Inc's Team: Candace Harada

Moving is never easy. Moving across the country during a pandemic for a new job? A little nerve wracking. When Account Manager Candace Harada made the move to Chicago from New Jersey to accept her new position at Coast Inc, it’s easy to understand that she was nervous. While this was a big change for her, she felt confident that her role at Coast Inc was one that would shape her future for the better.

When asked about her favorite memory at Coast Inc, Candace replied, "I have so many funny and meaningful memories that always involve other people in the company, but one of the most meaningful memories was when I was sent on a business trip to help the South Florida office to expand. The experience was a lot of fun and I felt that the people at Coast believed in me and trusted me to be able to help."

For Candace, working at Coast Inc is exciting because she is constantly learning new things and surrounded by like-minded high achievers. She has grown through working at Coast Inc and she now feels a strong sense of independence towards being able to make her own path in life. She has learned more about financial management, developing herself personally and professionally, and leading others.

Candace's biggest inspiration at Coast Inc is our CEO, Nicole Skovgard, because of how much she wants to help others grow, not only in the business but personally. “Nicole is constantly pushing people to be the best versions of themselves and is always willing to provide advice or aid in any way she can. She is her own boss and takes control of her career and life. She is able to run her office and still have the freedom and finances for adventure.”

Speaking to any potential candidate who may come join the Coast Inc team, Candace says "Coast Inc will provide you with an opportunity to grow and learn. You will be able to sharpen skills that will help you get to your goals and help you not only feel good about yourself, but also want to help others achieve their life goals."

Growing up Candace was a competitive dancer and loved being on stage. She loves dogs, city life, reading a good fiction book, hanging out with friends, and anything Disney. Candace has always been ambitious and very determined. She is motivated by wanting to be able to provide for her family and have fun in life. One day, she wants to travel the world. Interested in learning more about Coast Inc and the opportunities we have available? Click here.

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