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Getting To Know Coast Inc's Team: Eyram Agbenya

Job hunting is a delicate process, especially when you’re not excited about the current role that you’re at. For Eyram, her prior career experiences led to her seeking companies that could foster the career growth and support that she needed. The question was ‘did the right company in Chicago exist’?

Before joining the Coast Inc team, Eyram was at another company that didn't give her the support she needed to succeed. It rocked her trust and she was nervous that the Coast Inc team would be the same. However, now that Eyram is here, she says she wouldn't trade her job here for anything. "It's my dream come true. For a long time, I wanted a place where I could be myself. Here I get all the support that I want, all the help that I need, and all the coaching that I need to be a better person. I get to work towards the future that I want, which is to be a boss lady for myself, to own my own company."

Eyram feels that Coast has really helped her become a better version of herself, and when asked how, she replied, "Coast, and the people in it, helped me realize that it's not just about making money at work. They're training us to think like entrepreneurs, and it starts with my skills like time management, my mentality, and being the woman that I want to be."

Like many others at Coast Inc, Eyram couldn't pick just one inspiration from the Coast Inc team. She looks up to Terrence, because they are both Christians who work hard, but keep their faith front and center. "So when he was number one in the country, I was like, I can do that too, and that's when I became better." Then there's Julia, who Eyram hasn't actually had the chance to meet in person yet. Through text and zoom, Eyram is inspired by Julia's success. To round out her top 3 Coast Inc inspirations, Eyram chose Nicole, who gave her this opportunity and who is a great role model for who Eyram plans to be in the future.

Eyram is originally from Ghana, West Africa and moved to the United States many years ago. She joined the Coast Inc team a little over 3 months ago and she's one of our account managers. Eyram loves hiking and listening to music. You can often find her dancing down a 3 mile trail all over the Chicago area. Her fun and bubbly personality made her a great fit to the Coast Inc team.

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