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Getting To Know Coast Inc.'s Team: Roberto Belardi

Roberto Belardi's head shot for Coast Inc.
Coast Inc. Team Member Roberto Belardi

Roberto, like other graduates this year, entered a different kind of job market. "Business as usual" was turned on its head. Companies like Coast Inc. had to learn how to pivot as well.

It was on a job board online that Roberto found Coast Inc's opening for entry-level management and decided to apply. After the team reviewed his resume and application, Roberto was invited in for a digital interview, which was part of Coast's safety measures during quarantine. The interview went well for Roberto, and although he wasn't confident starting in a new industry in the middle of a pandemic, the training he received and the relationships formed helped to alleviate his fears. Even though the entire team had to pivot quickly to online, they did a fantastic job in modifying the training and systems to a digital environment.

"Coast Inc [gave] me this great development opportunity at the start of my career, and I couldn't be more grateful."

Like many people, Roberto values first impressions. Coast Inc, in his opinion, did a great job welcoming the trainees and turned signing paperwork into a warm conversation and a great evening of getting to know everyone. Roberto was among the first candidates hired to learn entirely online. Where the Coast Inc. team excelled in person, they had to match that success virtually and in his opinion they did just that. Roberto was able to genuinely connect with Coast's management team and felt he had a great foundation for a career at Coast.

As Roberto has continued his career at Coast Inc., a specific person has made a great impression on him. Lucas is one of the team's top trainers and what stuck out to Roberto was Lucas' ability to navigate the struggles he had over his tenure at Coast and the skills he now possesses. "I look up to him, probably more than anyone." In addition to Lucas making a great impression, Roberto enjoys the work environment and how fun working at the firm is. Although the entire company had to pivot online, the energy and environment have stayed consistent with how it was when we could meet in person. What Roberto has been able to also accomplish during his time at Coast has also helped boost his career. "I probably can't even fully imagine all the long term benefits from all the hard work I am putting in now."

Roberto's story proves that if you're willing to rise to the challenge, you're able to work towards accomplishing your goals. It helps, too, that he has amazing parents who set the example when it comes to working hard and being committed. Both are US MBA graduates who immigrated from Italy and Lebanon respectfully. Growing up with diverse cultures, being multilingual, and well-traveled, Roberto feels he is open-minded and well rounded as an individual and communicator. Moving forward in his career, Roberto wants to build upon his worldly upbringing and international academic learning to challenge the status quo and embrace opportunities. The accomplishments Roberto has made at Coast Inc., prove he's on the right track.

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