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Getting To Know Coast Inc.'s Team: Mario Luka Ljubic

Mario Luka Ljubic is one of Coast Inc.’s brightest new team members. As a Croatian-American with high hopes for the future, he knows that Coast Inc. is a company that can foster his career growth. Mario counts on the management team to help provide him guidance as he navigates accomplishing the goals he has for himself.

His biggest reason for starting with Coast was his admiration for the ones who work here. Through the interview process, Mario connected well with the management team, and they really impressed him with their thorough interest in who he is and what he could bring to the company. Not only did the team impress him, but he could tell how much we care about each team member while he proceeded through each step of the interview process.

For Mario, working for Coast is like making money with friends. There may be high points and low points in any job, especially when you work in sales, but the great support that the Coast Inc team offers makes it feel like there are no low points. Everyone is here to work together. The amazing and supportive team, the ability to grow within the company, and the responsibility to hold himself accountable all led to Mario feeling like he could build his career at Coast.

Mario describes Coast's culture as lively and interactive. This is the most desirable thing about Coast along with seniority not being a factor at the company. Support is given, no matter how long you’ve been at the firm.

When asked about who inspires him most at Coast Inc, Mario shares:

“Taylor is my biggest inspiration on the Coast Inc. leadership team. Taylor holds himself to a great standard, is always prepared, and has the knowledge for what seems to be about everything.”

If you're looking into Coast, Inc for career opportunities, Mario's shares:

“Coast is a great opportunity for anyone looking to apply their real-world skills in a business setting.”

Mario was born and raised in Chicago, where he developed a firm belief that a strong family presence and great cultural habits make for a happy positive lifestyle. “No matter the situation, it’s important to enjoy the moment. I believe a lot of my personality comes from enjoying the present, no matter what the future may hold,” says Mario.

Playing sports his entire life made Mario excel in a team setting, which also taught him great leadership skills that he applies every day at Coast Inc. Mario is motivated to reach his personal and professional goals, but he still makes time for his hobbies, which include staying active, spending time with the ones he cares most about, and cooking!

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